Kutiman – Don’t Hold Onto The Clouds

Here’s the latest offering from Israel’s visual artist and musician Kutiman. Constantly reinventing his sound, and always accompanied by top not visuals, he’s back with a new project Don’t Hold Onto The Clouds. After a smashing success with his last effort, 6AM, which saw him give us David Axelrod-like production and a sound that was unmistakable. This new project was recorded live over the last year and once again is a sound like he’s never done before. He confesses: “Sometimes music gets stuck, I’ll move on to something else before coming back to it, sometimes even a few years later. In fact, most of what I release is usually recorded a few years before. But with Don’t Hold Onto The Clouds, everything went pretty smoothly. I liked the music and the mixing and the cover, so now it’s coming out.” The album let’s out some sounds and artists he is fond of; like Indian music and a Juno 6, as well as his appreciation for artists like Moondog, Alice Coltrane, Terry Reilly, and others. It’s atmospheric and ambient, and he artist confesses that this is a record like none he has ever made before. And that’s the truth. Sometimes you need to regroup as an artist and just change directions once in a while, shake things up for real. That he has done. This project was put out with a very limited edition of 75 pieces on black vinyl. At this time, the bandcamp pieces were sold out, so your hunt begins. Check out the album (with visuals) below:

More info here.

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