The Du-Rites: Horse Pills

Well if you’re waiting for some new music from The Du-Rites aka J-Zone and Pablo Martin, well wait no longer. They’ve got a new single to hold you over until the next seven inch drops in September off of the next full length Gamma Ray Jones. Greasy as they want to be, “Horse Pills” is what funk is, what it was, and what it will be, you dig? The duo know how to get deep down to the essence of funk music and pull out the greasiest parts for you. This tune should be blasting out of a seven nine Caddy Deville with curb feelers, tv antenna in the back, and the latest and best eight track player money can buy. It’s tough to say, but people today don’t appreciate a song like this because it’s not one of seven we hear if we listen to mainstream radio. If the public only knew about the Du-Rites, and actually heard what they were laying down, then they might get it. That’s our mission here, get these guys heard by as many people as possible. “Horse Pills” is a track you can feel, just like those oversize medicine balls that get stuck in your throat, this track gets stuck in your ears, again and again. Heavy drums as usual, a little organ peppering in, Fender Rhodes, what more do you want? It’s like running a napkin on the top of a NY slice. Greasy. This one is digital only, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play it loud. More gritty tracks out of The Du-Rites camp once again. Stream the track below, and remember, a pimp slap with an open hand is more effective. These guys are pimp slappin’ you all day with this one.

Get the digital only single here, from the forthcoming Du-Rites record Gamma Ray Jones.

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