Bô’vel – Check 4 U

Be With You Records give you a chance to wrap your hands and ears on a piece of Manchester ’96 and Bô’vel’s highy sought after street soul theme “Check 4 U”. Soulful enough to be loved by the roughest of geezers, this record, which was originally pressed up in limited quantities and was a B-Side, was played on inner city and pirate radio stations all over the city. It now fetches up to two thousand pounds on Discogs. Be With You has resurrected this street soul track with the help of Bô’vel and Ruf Dug, and it is fully remastered and produced by the artist herself. This will make a lot of DJs happy who had this grail on their want list for 20+ years. It’s the sound of Manchester now and then, with a bonus Metrodome remix on the flip that is upbeat and right on the time period this record was released. Put another feather in the cap of Be With Records for getting this record out to the masses. Even if you are not familiar with this track, you’d be hard pressed to find it again like this. This soulful track is as infectious now as it was then, so take it back to the 9-6 with one of the best tracks from the period you may never have heard of.

Check out the track below:

Buy the record here.

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