Animanz – Exotic Other

Today’s heat comes from London and the four piece outfit known as Animanz. Formed in 2013 by childhood friends Max Rodriguez (guitar), Joshua Brandler (bass), Marc Goymour (keys) and Andrea Gucel (drums), this collective moves through genres to keep the many different animal species on their feet and in a dancing mood. This track features Juanita Euka, an Argentinian and Congolese vocalist, taking you on a trip through 1960’s and 1970’s Latin America sounds. They are raising eyebrows and turning heads throughout the music community. Taken from their forthcoming record Exotic Other available through Brighton based record label Tru Thoughts, they’ve given us a good, inside peek at what the full length will be with this title track. Full of energy and calling back the spirits of 70’s Africa and Latin America rhythms, you had better be ready to dance when this comes on. It’s an infectious groove that must be played over and over again. The music they play brings a party to wherever they are, and it fits nicely among the melting pot of diverse music scene in Old London Town. It doesn’t just leave an impression there however, Animanz are taking over the world, fusing cumbia, rhumba, merngue, afrobeat, and high energy funk. This is music for the people. So what are you waiting for? The Animanz party bus is on the move. Check out the video for “Exotic Other below:

Stream the single from their bandcamp page:

Pre-order the record here available Septemeber 28th.

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