Moemaw Naedon x Buscrates – VG+

We’ll have to admit, we are not too familiar with lyricist/ producer Moemaw Naedon, but after this new track with Buscrates, we want to be. The Pittsburgh emcee/ producer comes correct on “VG+”, because, let’s face it, we all love vinyl that’s very good plus, so why wouldn’t we want our rap songs to be the same? First off, the beat is fire, and we hear those Buscrates keys saturating all the way from start to finish. “This sound blue collar” solidified it for us (ok the flow and beats were first), but dude spits the truth, and we love the working man’s rap games as well. After all, we are all hustling in some way, shape or form. The track itself is so lo-fi but knocks like it should, big and bold. Superb keys by Boogie Bus. Naedon is all business on this track, and like most cats that take the music game serious, he’s got shit to say. It’s up to you if you want to listen or not. We, are all ears. So, if you want to hear some good music, especially if you’ve never checked out Buscrates either, than this side is where it’s at. Now we are ready for a forty five with that dope instrumental on the flip. we’d love to see that happen in the future. Check out the track below, which for now, is just digital. It’s still dusty as hell though, this is solid music.

Get the track here.

Dig Deeper!

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