PREMIERE: Sulu and Excelsior – You Don’t Mind Me Sayin’ That (Live)

This morning we have a special treat for you. It’s the world premiere of the new video from Sulu and Excelsior. The side project of P.I.C.’s trumpet player and rapper Sulu, who had previously played all the instruments on the last album, he enlists friends and extended P.I.C. family to come in and play live on this Tiny Desk-esque concert for “You Don’t Mind Me Sayin’ That”. Drawing influences from music that spans from 1940’s/ ’50’s jazz, 1970’s soul, and 1990’s hip hop, the song is unique; where you can find Sulu crooning at some point, leading a call and response on another, rapping during a breakdown, or charging through the unusual bounce between the 3/4 and 4/4 rhythm throughout the track. It’s an uplifting, feel good side that they will only be playing live (until they finish up the studio recording for the next record). This video captures Sulu’s energy and enthusiasm, as well as the player’s moxie not just for the song, but for playing music as well. There is a reason that Sulu’s been playing music in NYC for more than 20 years, these feelings come through the music and pull you right in. “You Don’t Mind Me Sayin’ ” is part of a series of live videos they recorded after an entry was submitted to NPR’s #tinydeskconcert. This track brings us back to the 90’s, running around NYC and going to P.I.C. shows, where the energy was high, the music was so infectious, and you couldn’t stand still. Forward to 2018, you can still get that same feeling with the band live, but now Sulu is taking that feeling one step further with his own brand of genre bending music for new generations of fans to groove to. The family affair continues with this new video, premiering exclusively on Flea Market Funk today:

Check out the video for “You Don’t Mind Me Sayin’That” below:

More info on Sulu and Excelsior here.

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