Gary Chandler – Outlook

Today we bring you a record that is back on vinyl after quite some time. Originally on Eastbound Records, this stone cold classic from trumpeter Gary Chandler will set you back a huge amount of money for the original. Outlook is reissued and given the deluxe treatment by Light In The Attic, who, since 2001 have made the music world a better place by releasing records of all kinds. This particular LP is Chandler’s first and only album, and man is it a belter. Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder and producer Bob Porter, what you get here is a huge slab of steaming funky soul and jazz record that should belong in your collection. Early in his career, Chandler made his way on the circuit from Columbus, Ohio to the Motown Revue and eventually into bands with Lou Donaldson and ‘The Mighty Burner’ Charles Earland. By the time ’72 came around, Chandler was ready to get a solo effort out. Producer Bob Porter put together an all star line up that included Idris Muhammad on drums, Gordon Edwards on bass, Cornell Dupree on guitar, Harold Ousley on tenor sax, Dick Griffin on trombone, and Buddy Caldwell on percussion. They also enlisted Cesar Frazier to get that funky organ on the cuts. The amount of great music all of these musicians put out in the past, included James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Weldon Irvine, Funk, Inc., Melvin Sparks, and more. Talented vets of the industry who were in great hands behind the music as well in Van Gelder and Porter. While the record is mostly known for the track “Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms” penned by Abrim Tilman, it just flows smoothly throughout, like one big party. “Kaleidoscope” is our second choice for the fire track, with the band scorching through it like the musical flames were licking right at their heels. But to be perfectly honest, all the tracks cook, and it’s a reason that the record is so rare (and expensive). It’s that good. LITA have hooked it up though, and it’s now available in a limited edition of 500 copies pressed on 180g vinyl with the original artwork and liner notes. A proper bonus to the music.

Get the record here from LITA.

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