Soup J5 presents Fullee Love – Nile Rodgers (Git On Down)

We love to see artists go through transitions. Not like Jordan did in baseball (way out of his league), but more like J-Zone did when he switched from rapping to drums as a full time occupation. So we’re happy to present to you today the artist formerly known as Soup from Jurassic 5 as Fullee Love. He’s teamed up with Nick Green of The Internet who produce this second solo record entirely. It’s called Free, White & 21. This is the follow up single to “Denny Terrio”, that had people stomping feet, moving it in the groove, and embracing late ’70s/ early ’80’s dance culture on that track. It’s not a rap thing, but a dance oriented record that leans heavy in R & B, soul, and nu-disco areas. This latest single, “Nile Rodgers (Git On Down)” not only pays homage to one of the most relevant musicians in our lifetime, but we have no problem saying that the entire record crosses generational boundaries and keeps that vibe alive in 2018. From the deep bass line to the guitar riff, Fullee has created an absolute dance floor monster. It’s a timeless future classic that will indeed having you get low before the lights come on and last call has you leaving the venue. This is the last chance to get on down. You have no chance at standing still with this record folks. Now, for real, where is the vinyl version? This needs to get played on a proper sound system loud. Check out the single below and stream the entire record from the bandcamp link after that.

Get the album here.

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