Cooking On 3 Burners – Warning

Start your week off in the right groove with the new single from Australia’s Cookin’ On 3 Burners. “Warning” sizzles like a frying pan full of hot grease as they join forces with vocalist Kaiit and burn the track right off of your turntable. Plenty of heavy, heavy Hammond funk here folks as organist Jake Mason cooks with gas on the track. Chops galore and the recipe gets hotter as drummer Ivan Khatchoyan and guitar player Dan West all melt into one with the music and let Kaiit add in just the right amount of sister funk to keep the music bubblin’ over and the musical flame get higher. This track is a nice combination of the JB’s/ Vicky Anderson/ Brand New Heavies vibes. Funky as your Pop Pop’s drawers after a night out, it’s got a raw feel to it, complete with a dreamy break down that jumps back in with Kaiit getting sultry on the fade out, Mason’s organ wailing until the breakadawn and the rest of CO3B issuing a warning to the dance floor as well: “You will not sit down until the last note is played”. And just like that, the track is done. Wipe the sweat off your brow and pick the needle up, put it back on the record, and sweat some more. This band never disappoints. If you haven’t got into Hammond funk, here’s your chance to hear some of the best in the present day. Stream “Warning” below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-Order the record available Aug 10th here.

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