The True Loves – Famous Last Words

Here’s some Tuesday heat from the PNW aka the Pacific North West for you to get your groove on to. The True Loves turn the volume way up to eleven on this new release “Famous Last Words” from the full length of the same name. This record will go down as one of the best in 2018, as the Seattle, Washington outfit go for theirs in a big way on this record. Tight, respectful, and banging soul music that is unmistakably funky, TTL indeed make music that will have you moving wherever you are. Reminiscent of a Chitlin’ circuit group that would come to your town, rock your socks off, and then leave you wondering if you’d ever see them again, or maybe that woman who does the same, this record hits hard and leaves you in love with what they’re laying down. “Famous Last Words” comes in hard and heavy, guitars, bass, and drums blazing. When the horns blast off, it’s full tilt funky soul until that big break comes in (full of percussion as well), and then smooths it out a bit so you catch your breath, but not for long. The True Loves build the music up a bit, and without the use of any famous last words at all, the music screams: “We’ll be back”. This record also features Delvon Lamarr of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio and Skerik. Don’t sleep on this record, it’s a powerhouse of funk and soul just waiting for your needle to drop on it. Stream the single and record below:

Get the record here.

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