Dr. Rubberfunk – My Life At 45 (Part 1)

Simon Ward aka Dr. Rubberfunk returns with yet another forty five that you’ll want for your record box. Originally an extended piece on the Jalapeno Funk Vol. 9 compilation, this talented producer, who has been making bangers for quite some time delves into some psychedelic themes, heavy and crisp drums, and will leave you feelin’ mellow. The first in a series from the good doctor, it’s a great starting point. While it is different than his last two releases, and when we say different, we mean in sound only, because it’s still got that funk in it we all love from him. Also present on this record are a Booker T. & the MG’s sounding track “Pressure Cooker”, a modern day track with that Stax sound that has some funky organ and more punchy drums for you to nod your head to. Top notch production all around. This is all complete with “Beautiful Drums”, a short break portion of the record that contains a minute and forty two of drums from the A side. That’s a nice bonus. As always, you can not be disappointed with Dr. Rubberfunk. He’s got a PhD in the funk studies and is continuing his mission to make sure everyone has the funk in them throughout the world.

Listen to the 45 below:

Get the record here.

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