Polyester The Saint – “Wazzup”

“This one is for the backwards skaters only”, Polyester the Saint exclaims as this track opens. What follows, we can only describe as one of the best tracks of the Summer. With just enough G shit to get your old head uncle moving as well as your people at the club, this modern funk side is a certified future classic. This track will take you back there and forward to wherever you are going. Roller skates, drop top whip, bouncing on dubs, it’s West Coast from the first note drop, and it stays fly all the way through. More bounce to the ounce of course, and the collabo with Jay Worthy & Moniquea is a certified banger. Steady mackin’ and steady stackin’, they keep it real for the young and old folks. For those of you who like that heavy synth, punchy drums, and catchy lyrics, this song and the artists hit the trifecta. If a track like this doesn’t get the dance floor poppin’, then you need to kick everyone out and take that party somewhere else. When a record like this comes around, you need to recognize it, dig? Like we said, future modern funk classic and you heard it here first. The flip side features the Dub version which knocks hard as well. Produced by XL Middleton of Cavi Sounds, who gives us this record on 7″ for the first time. So wazzup with your home girl?

Pre-order the record available on Cavi Sounds here.

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