Nat Birchall Quartet – Tunji

Monday morning and we are bringing you some brand new jazz from the ever talented saxophonist Nat Birchall and the Quartet. We’ve been a fan of Birchall’s haunting sound for a minute, and when there is a chance to get him on forty five, we need to jump all over it. This time he takes the listener on a cosmic journey with “Tunji”, a spiritual sound that will move the heavens and earth as well as your mind to a different plane. Exactly what spiritual jazz is supposed to do; move you, make you feel the spirit inside. Birchall and the quartet do a great job on this one. The flip, “Mode For Trane” lulls you into a beautiful, jazz filled slumber of a mood as they slow the tempo down a bit, but keep your senses wide awake. This creative genius knows how to use the medium of jazz to get right to the very core of his listeners. This is the second release from Jazzman’s Jazz45 imprint, which comes with exclusive artwork and is limited to just 600 pieces pressed world wide. Listen to the track below, it’s a beautiful way to start your day wherever you are.

Check out the video for “Tunji” here:

Get the record from Jazzman here.

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