The Du-Rites: Corinthian Leather

Keeping real funk alive in 2018, Pablo Martin & J-Zone, with help from Time Wolf on the greasy bass, The Du-Rites pay tribute to better, different times on their B-side to their upcoming single “Gamma Ray” with a track that isn’t on the forthcoming full length and can only be found on this seven inch, “Corinithian Leather”. If you have no idea what they are talking about, do your research three stacks and bring it back to the time of funky detective series, pimp slaps, fur coats, Chryslers, and respect with a capitol R sucka. You see, both J-Zone and Martin have a knack for the gritty, sticky, icky, ooh wee sound of heavy funk. This track is the epitome of that sound. It’s heavy as a bucket of chicken grease and funky is an understatement. The drums are solid as they could be and with fuzz guitars and Wolf’s bass that put you right in your place, this track is what you need in your life. Guest vocals by Broughamin’ Fred & Junior, so you know, you better shut yo’ mouth fool. Always on point, always on time, and always innovating, The Du-Rites prove why they are your favorite funk band’s favorite funk band. B-Side wins again.

The wax drops next week, but listen to it on Spotify right now:

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