NEW MIX ALERT: We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

We love discovering music on vinyl, and most of all, we love sharing the music to people like you. We try to use the music and records as a sort of therapy, handpicking some of the finest tracks dug up and putting them together in a mix. The latest mix we have for your ears is called We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home , and features a grip of new and old tracks that have been on our mind and in our ears as of late. So this one goes out to all the people who need a pick me up, need to get on the mellow tip, or feel the grooves deep inside your soul when you hear stuff like this. The tracks on this mix are all spiritual to us in some way or another. From respectful covers to originals, deep tracks that are from the cosmos, as well as offerings up to the Almighty (whoever that may be), we feel connected to these artists and hopefully you will too. Check out the track listing for the all live, one take, all vinyl mix below:

Track List:

Augustus Pablo/ Ram Dass Intro
Kamaal Williams – Salaam
Sebastain Fraye – Back and Forth
Robohands – Strange Times
Medline – Solstice
Okonkolo – Obatala
Pedro Santos – Um So
Sun Ra – Exotic Forest
Ron Franken Experiment – Images
Stanton Davis’ Ghetto Mysticism – Play Sleep
Dennis Farnon – Night Shade
Alice Coltrane Quartet – Turiya & Ramakrishna

Stream the mix here:

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