Joesph Malik – Take A Left

Today we are taking it back, way back, back into time. A time when juke joints, basement parties, Saturday night after church, smokey rooms, gin joints, sharp threads and late night excursions across the tracks. We’re talking dirty R & B record stompers in the jukebox and dancing until the sun comes up. DJ Joseph Malik teams up with his DJ partner Saleem Andrew McGroarty aka Sound Signals to give us a monster of a release. In the spirit of the greats like Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, and other lonesome musician travelers who strapped their weapon of choice on their back and played from the back Bayou to the deep woods, this first single, “Take A Left” is indeed done in a sound that paved the way for the music of today. “Take A Left” mixes, Delta Blues, R & B, early rock and roll, gospel, and soul as it glides and slides its way to your ears. it’s gritty enough for you to think that maybe it was a long lost track dug out of the back of some bait and tackle shop that sold 45s somewhere in Mississippi, but alas, it’s 2018 and Joseph Malik has gone and made a record that many have sold their souls to the devil for. Taken off of the upcoming Ramrock full length Diverse Part 2 , available on October 12th, you’ll want to get this 7″ as well. As Malik wails, “yes indeed, I ain’t no false pretender now….”, the man is 100% right. Stream the record below:

Pre-order the full length and the 7″ here.

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