Tucker and Bloom Magnetic 45 Adapters

For those 45 rpm slingers out there, you know the pain of the forty five adapter. Let’s face it, the metal adapter that comes with the Technics 1200 is always a problem. The record gets stuck on it (don’t get us started on Jamaican 45s either!), so we were always looking for something more. In our career as a DJ, we have gone through dozens of adapters. Heavy, light, hard metal, wood, plastic (probably the worst), and have our preferences when we are spinning out. For us, we need something that will get the forty five on and off quickly, and most importantly will not slip when we are working doubles. It’s very important. The use of an adapter is a personal thing. What works for us may not work for you and vice versa.

Enter Tucker and Bloom and Fluidcut (who’s been making the rounds with custom 45 adapters for a minute). They have teamed up to release a pair of custom magnetic 45 adapters that are unique. Made of natural cherry wood and containing a magnet that helps hold them together during transport and the added weight (4.5 oz) helps drive the weight of the adapters onto the turntable spindle, these are sure to be a favorite in no time soon. They were made in a limited supply so far, but will be available to the public soon. Stay tuned for the test drive here on Flea Market Funk.

More information here.

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