Black Pumas – Black Moon Rising

Colemine Records are at it again with yet another imprint called Karma Chief, and the first forty five from the Austin, TX duo Black Pumas is available right now. Swinging in a slightly different direction this time with the sister label, they continue, as co-owner Bob Cole says “to release records we love, but that don’t necessarily fit the Colemine Sound.” Diversifying their musical portfolio is good, and they’ve taken a chance and struck gold once again. The track, “Black Moon Rising” is a little bit of heaven, a slice of psychedelic soul that is right along the line as a Curtis Harding or Alabama Shakes record, and we love it. Smooth, eerie, and aiming right for your soul, (and with a nice open drum break), The Black Pumas grab you by your shirt and don’t let go. Made up of veteran producer Adrian Quesada of Brownout and singer/songwriter Eric Burton, their crossover soul sound is ready to be heard throughout the world. Also be prepare for a full length at some point, it’s shaping up to be a good one. We are liking the direction Colemine is going on this imprint, the little engine that could is leading the pack once again.

Listen to “Black Moon Rising” below:

Order the record here, available through Colemine Records.

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