Uebertribe – Brand New U

We love to turn you on to new funk among other things here at FMF, so today we introduce you to Uebertribe from Hamburg, Germany. Championing the funk on vinyl since 2015, but evolving out of the Hamburg funk scene and the legendary We Call It Funk Sessions in 2011, where early versions of the band played funk gems and cover versions of the German band Zappelbude, this six member band is as talented as it comes. Their ’15 single “Game Over” on Our Label Records was an indication of just how serious they are about the funk game, and now in the ’18, Brand New U expands on their ultra funkiness.

Tt is very much about finding your direction, and being, or sometimes not being in peace with yourself and the world around you. To be honest, we try to put some Voodoo on all of it, if you know what I mean.

The record features the previously released “Game Over”, a funk bomber that sets the tone of the records. Tracks such as the title track, “Brand New U” boom loudly and fit in between a heavier early seventies CTI meets the JB’s vibe, while sides like “Shake” and “Purple Pearl” (a Prince tribute track) groove along funky jam band style. “Don’t Treble Me” is their ode to a ’60’s psychedelic rock track with funk essentials all over it, something for those who take it back a little further with more wah wah, echo, and such. “I Won’t Go To Bed” feels like it has a home some where between Austin, TX and Memphis, TN, adding a blues element in that lazily chugs along with guitar and organ pulsing throughout. They have their influences and roots all over funk, and it’s evident through this debut that they are serious. This is a solid debut effort from the band. Hamburg for the win, this is serious funk biz. Stream the record below:

Get the record, available through Légère Recordings here.
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