The Sha La Das: Love In The Wind

When Tommy “TNT” Brenneck touches something, it just turns into gold. Not a physical gold brick in your hands, but his production skills have produced sonic gold that helped define a generation of sound. From The Menehan Street Band to Charles Bradley to The Budos Band to Lee Fields and many, many more, the gold is in the music. Rich with sound, he created a legacy with his production that will forever be etched in music history. The latest to come from Brenneck’s hands to our ears are a full length from The Sha La Das. Featuring a grip of talented players that have helped create and define the sound of Daptone Records, which include members of The dap-Kings, the Menahan Street band, and Charles Bradley, plus the four Schaldas. These four (three brothers plus their father) make up the very heart and soul of the record. Their father taught the brothers how to harmonize right on the family stoop in Staten Island. Brenneck brings it all together. So far, there are three beautiful tracks to sample from Love In The Wind , all more beautiful than the next. This is important music, a preservation of a sound that grew off of street corners, stoops, backyards, and bedrooms that will steal your heart and touch your soul from the first note. Listen to the tracks below:

Pre-order the full length, available Sept. 21st on Dunham/ Daptone.

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