Gas Lab & Traum Diggs – Jazz Hop Vol.2

Following up the 2013 well received album Jazz Hop, Argentinian producer and musician Gas Lab joins together like Voltron with Brooklyn’s Traum Diggs on the second installment Jazz Hop 2. Eight jazzy tracks on the smoothed out tip push the meter to straight fiyah as the duo proceed to give you what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it. And trust us, you do need the good medicine that these brothers are giving out. These beats could stand out on their own, but as Diggs drops verse after verse, the pair is a marriage not of convenience, but of deep love and devotion to the art, something lacking in many releases today. RIYL jazz fueled beats, instrumental beat to chill to, or real music made by real people. This is something under the radar you need to dig for, and this chestnut will get you lifted my friends. We could go on, but we’ll let the music speak for itself. The record also features a bonus track, “Know A Little” of of Gas-Lab’s debut on the label Fusion. Available on October 1st through Village Live Records, it will have a limited run of 300 pieces world wide and features an OBI strip as well. Check out a sampler of the record below:

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