Mongrels – Over Eggin’ It b/w Shoot The Breeze

Kid Acne and Benjamin aka Mongrels drop hot hot heat with this new double sider on Invisible Spies. This is proper, hard as a football firm’s hardest bloke rap. “Over Eggin’ It” is a trip through hip hop history references over super tough drums and and catchy psychedelic samples. Featuring Jason Williams from Sleaford Mods, who if you are not familiar with, are some of the most punk rock electronic act we have seen in a long time. They carry on the torch of path clearers like Meatbeat Manifesto to make some really inspiring records. This sound may not be for everyone, the beats are dark and murky, but the message is clear: Don’t fuck with us. You can not help to nod your head or punch your mate after you listen to both of these sides. They’ve chosen the right chap to get the job done on this track for sure. The flip, a collaboration with Cappo & Juga-Naut “Shoot The Breeze” is an almost sped up continuation of the A-Side. Featuring a drum break that reminds of us of ’90’s club culture, “Shoot The Breeze” drives through the dance floor that could have Carharts and Tims all over the place as easily as it could have Air Max and Stone Island. These tracks, as Phife would say are “harder than two day old shit”, and the Arsenio “Scenario” reference on “Over Eggin’ It” just proves they are students and leaders of the hip hop game, pushing it along in their own big way. The record is super limited to 250 pieces, stamped and numbered with artwork by Kid Acne. Listen to the record below:

Get the record here.

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