The Drop – Last Stand

Today we visit UK, London to check out the debut record from working class reggae rockers The Drop. We’re talking small town English musicians who have been touring nonstop and finally were able to slow down their dubby ride to put together an amazing twelve song record. Last Stand, recorded after a year’s worth of shows is a genuine reggae record through and through. If at first listen you have your doubts, realize that the lead single features a figure that is basically reggae music himself. Lee “Scratch” Perry, a lion and elder statesman of the music joins the band on “Dunna Runna”, skanking his way through with conscious vibes and an attitude that he can only do. But they do not just need a cosign for you to realize they are serious about this thing called reggae (but getting a nod from Perry is pretty official). Tracks like “Right Through” and “Takeover”, infectious and with a groove, refuses to let people stand still, sit along side tunes like the dubbed out “Parakeets In London” and “Business Face”, the “Exodus”-like “Avatar”, the dancehall vibe of “Accident Causer”, and finally the title track “Last Stand”, that slows it down to a Jamaican style R & B meets roots ending tune. Supported by everyone from David Rodigan to The Skints, their modern day take on real music from the island of Jamaica is surely a hit, not just in the UK, but soon to be all over the world. The message through the music is clear, and we’re happy to say, this isn’t The Drop’s last stand, they’ve got a long career ahead of them. Listen for yourself.

Preview the record below, available today:

Get the record here.

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