VIDEO PREMIERE: Dakhla Brass – Murmur

Today we’re premiering a Bristol, UK based brass band that you should know about. Dakhla Brass, featuring a trumpet, two saxophones, a trombone, and drums, makes beautiful music. Drawing inspiration from brass music from around the world, this quintet has a unique sound that will take you to some place higher. Pulling sounds from the deserts of India to the souks of North Africa to the islands of the Caribbean and the streets of New Orleans, their musical journey takes the listener on a trip that features improvisation as well as carefully arranged jazz sounds, all threaded together by the brass. With the band’s personal influences ranging from Latin, folk, rock, soul, R & B, swing, and of course jazz, you hear bits and bobs of these influences throughout. Their previous three releases have caught the ears of audiences all over and they’ve been applauded as a force to be reckoned with by artists like Jamie Cullum as well as the BBC.

Their musical journey takes the listener on a trip that features improvisation as well as carefully arranged jazz sounds all threaded together by the brass.

The songs on Murmur are most definitely a wonderful musical journey. From the bass heavy (provided by Nostaligia 77’s double bassist Riaan Vosloo) “One Wicker Wisp”, a haunting, but yet soothing opener on the record to “Lotus”, a swinging piece that gives you an exotic feel and commands you to move, while “5000 What” is a groover you can also get down to with no delay. “Murmuration”, a track that returns to a spiritual sound of free jazz, opens up about two minutes in as the band goes full bore right to the end. Side A ends with “Silver And Gold”, a mellow, but moving piece of music. side 2 comes right out of the gate with a Middle Eastern feel that smooths out right at the end. Beautifully done. “The Last Host” glides along nicely, like a good friend saying good bye for now, but not forever. “Zenith and Nadir” is by far the funkiest piece on the second side so far, highlighted by a trumpet solo that leads the band to the promised land. What would a jazz record be without one sad song? “Heartache and Loneliness” fills that spot, and quite well we might add. Finishing off the ten song Lp is “Quicksand”, another back beat led track, funky drummer breaks with brass stabs and solos throughout, it’s fitting that Dakhla go out on this high note. The audience and listeners will be bopping to this in their head after the music is long gone. Check out the video below of the record:

The record is releases on October 6th.

Launch gig is October 6th at King’s Place in London, so if you’re in the area, please do check them out!

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