Funk For The People

If you have been into the deep funk game, then you are aware of the blog Funk For The People. Run by Robert Perlman since 2009, it is the deepest funk site around. Posting up label scans and mp3s, Perlman has garnished a cult following. The everyday man and known producers and DJs check the site on the daily to get the black gold he drops. It’s not just today either. Perlman was responsible for lacing the Beastie Boys with records on several albums. They honored him with the lyric: “Perlman’s’s got beats and it ain’t no secret.” They weren’t kidding, either.

Perlman’s’s got beats and it ain’t no secret.

Perlman has joined forces with Rocafort Records to put out a dozen deep funk tracks in this compilation. Featuring such rarities such as Arnold Albury and the Casuals, Living Color, Sloan Bey, Mark McIver, John Fitch & Associates, Combo Guarajeo, and more. Also features bonus a bonus forty five. With extensive notes insert from the remaining artists and relatives about the bands and music, as well as liner notes and project design by yours truly, this is a long time coming and a necessary compilation. The years of Perlman’s deep digging has come to the surface, and you can get a piece of it through Rocafort. Available on October 12th through Rocafort and better record stores everywhere.

Listen to a sample of the compilation here:

Get the record here.

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