Nicola Spiromarino – Senza Titolo

Fresh for the haunting season, Delights are back once again with some more unique vinyl treats for your ears. This time they are releasing Italian born but Berlin situated Nicola Spiromarino, who flies just under the radar in general, but has come out with a double sider that is sure to get your attention. Focusing more on the soundtrack/ library side of things, these mysterious tracks were handed over via cassette to label honcho Markey Funk on the Delights tour in 2017. Now, here in 2018, they are released on the label as a 7″. Soundtracks to a horror flick, cinematic synthesizer space journeys and hauntings, there is little known about who actually played on these tracks besides Nicola Spiromarino himself. All we know, is that they are fantastic. Providing a mix of heavy synths, deep funk back beats and key stabs, it’s quite evident where Spiromarino wants to go with these two belters. They go straight to score a film, perhaps one not made yet, but at some point it will be perfect piece to a celluloid puzzle. Whether they scare the hell out of you, take you back to your teen years and horror flicks, or are the soundtrack to a night out, these two tracks are important, not just to the genre, but because they carry on a sound that has been perfected by past maestros, now put forth to new audiences by a maestro like Spiromarino. Listen to both sides below:

Pre-order the record here available through Delights on October 26th.

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