Jr. Thomas & the Volcanos – Chin Up

Just when you think Colemine Records has got a signature sound, they switch it up. That’s what is so great about this label, that is growing its stable and sounds by the pound. Their latest effort, along side the release of the great Ben Pirani soul record, is the release you have before you. Their second venture on the label with Jr. Thomas and the Volcanos, this is real reggae music at its finest. “Chin Up” is indeed pulled from reggae’s golden age, with Thomas McDowall leading the charge and his all star band, The Volcanos holding up their end like it’s 1969 here in 2018. Their second forty five for the label, this double sider is a slice off of their forthcoming full length Rockstone on Colemine. Like the Frightnrs,, Jr. Thomas and the Volcanos are indeed the epitome of authentic reggae music. Chock full of sweet harmonies, hooks for days, and those Jamaican rhythms, “Chin Up” is one of our favorite tracks at the moment. It’s got everything you need and more. Don’t be surprised when you play it if some bloke in a Brutus shirt with long sideburns and a pair of low top steel toe Docs comes up asking if it’s on Crab or Attack and how much you paid for it on Discogs. These cats are the real deal, and Colemine has struck gold once again, this time with a rocksteady tune. Listen to the record below:

Get the record here.

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