Low Down Brass Band: We Just Want To Be

Happy As A Lark are back at in once again and they have got some heat in this latest release from Chicago’s Low Down Brass Band. The band are no strangers to incorporating reggae or Jamaican musical elements into theirmusic. From covers of Bob Marley and the Wailers “Concrete Jungle” or cutting the music and shouting “Pull Up and Rewind!”, these musical veterans now have an original track in “We Just Want To Be”. Featuring Illuminati Congo and Billacamp, they also have joined forces with producer Nic ‘The Graduate’ Gourguechon, who channels the everlasting spirits of The Black Ark and Lee Perry to guide the band and the emcees to summon the most high in the vocal version. “We just want to be high and live our way/ You can’t tell me what to do or what to say”. Sounds good to us. Live your life people, and LDB are doing just that. The flip, a crucial, and we mean crucial, dub track is phenomenal. Happy As A Lark are doing big things in the world of reggae, firing on all cylinders, touching ska, dub, roots, dance hall and foundation tunes throughout their catalog. They are the real deal and like Jamaica, who had and still has her struggles in culture and to be heard, so does the record label. If you care at all about reggae music, then get this label on your radar and dive into its discography of genuine reggae in all facets. Listen to both sides of the record below:

Get the record from Happy as A Lark Here.

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