Boca’s Donut Club #5: Hey Hey/ Come On

Splicing and dicing samples, drum breaks, horn stabs, and whatever else he gets his hands on, Scott Hendy aka Boca 45 knows how to rock a party. His CV is long, and his latest project, the Boca Donut Club is on its fifth and final installment. The series has sold out quickly in the past, so if you’re looking to grab a piece of B-Boy madness on 45 rpm, this would be the time. Made in a limited edition of 300 pieces (stamped and numbered), this final piece of the puzzle, “Hey Hey/ Come On b/w “Donuts On Two Turntables” is a fine feather in the cap of a bloke who has been doing it and doing it well for years. The A is an instructional B-boy belter that clocks in at about 130 bpm. so clap your hands, stomp your feet and scream. You get the deal. It’s a non-stop disco rap party pack for you and yours. The flip is an a jammer that will get you moving as well, but all in all, Boca knows how to make people move. The proof is on the 45. Once these are gone, well, they are gone for good. Put on the track suit, dust off that piece of linoleum, ladder those fat laces on your Pumas and get to it. You’ll never lose that touch. Have a listen for yourself:

Get the record here, available October 1st.

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