79.5: Predictions

For the last two years we have championed 79.5 here at Flea Market Funk. Their now classic, but then underground forty five “Terrorize My Heart” had been lighting up NYC dance floors way before the major DJs (hat tip to the brothers + sisters world wide who felt the same way when they first heard it ) would pick it up, but back then you just knew that this band was something special. By the time they were announced in Billboard and the beautiful “Boy Don’t Be Afraid” was dropped, these harmonizing sisters started to grab you right from your heart and pull you into their world. With the full length Predicitions, they move around effortlessly through beautiful music ranging from psychy folk to disco to modern house all mixed in with three part harmonies, Fender Rhodes, saxophone, and a lot of love. Recorded at the world famous Diamond Mine in Queens by Leon Michels in a way it always you should be done: one take straight to tape, the band really shines on this debut full length. Tracks like “Facing East”, a Fleetwood Mac meets downtown 80’s NYC vibe, luring us in with sexy sax and sultry vocals all the way through, “Fantasy”, a slow, synthy mover that screams late night, the title track “Predicitons”, another slow burner with a serious back beat and and a major case of the feels, “Wavy”, pushing some minimalist dance floor sexy vibes, as well as “Sisters Unarmed”, a call to arms to our sisters to stand tall. The record is a hit start to finish. We’ve touched on the incredible tracks that are “Boy Don’t Be Afraid” and their break through smash “Terrorize My Heart”, it’s now to delve deeper into the body called 79.5 and feel their love through these eleven tracks. Preview the entire record below.

Get the record out on Big Crown right now.

Dig Deeper!

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