Bostonian: Keep The Groove

This one may have flown under your radar, as we’re sure it did for most when it was on Platinum Blue Rose in 1981. Say “Thank You!’ to Clap City records out of the Uk, because they’ve put this soulful disco banger out in 2018, and a lot of people will be happy they did. Originally produced by Tony Green, who worked with The Dramatics as well as the death Row Record label, it is a smooth ride from start to finish. Trying to catch that last fading light of disco in the early part of the ’80’s, this record, has gone for big money in the past. It’s a dance floor mover for sure, just lo-fi enough though to be a strange bird. We dig it. We want to highlight a record like this, reissue or not. It may not be for everyone, but although it’s not a funky trip like say, a Preservation Project release, it’s got its own thing going on. Soulful and a mover, it’s on point. So put on your dancing shoes and head to the nearest shack that’s playing the sticky icky ooh wee underground tracks like this. It’s your job to just keep the groove brothers and sisters. You can do it.

Get the record here.

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