Savages Y Suefo – Brotherhood

The Budapest duo know as Savages y Suefo are back with a follow up to their previously well received Worldstyle release, this time with Brotherhood on Agogo Records. Drawing from influences that range from blues to funk to hip hop to dub reggae and beyond, the duo wax poetic about social injustices, human rights, and other problems of these times. Featuring a roster of talented vocalist who are guesting from all over the world, this release is as eclectic as it can get. Be it KRSA, a huge figure in Hungarian ska, Denise M’Baye from Mo’ Horizons, Bryant Goodman from Mystical Plants, M3NSA of Fokn Bois and RedRed fame, the line up is stacked and the CVs are long. Both tracks that are previewed are as they say “big choons”. “Brotherhood”, featuring KRSA is a ragga style blues side that is a cross between a dubbed out Everlast and New Kingdom. The other track we get to hear is “Revolution” and features the ever reliable and talented Ashley Slater. It’s a blues funk jam with carefully social conscious lyrics, previously released in 2016 on a forty five. Tough stuff that makes you want to start a movement. “Free your mind of brain pollution/ Get your mind on my solution”. At times it sounds like a present day Sly Stone, preaching diversity and solutions through the music. Brotherhood are channeling that energy and doing the same. This one should definitely be on your radar if you like the combination of blues/ hip hop/ funk/ dub all mixed in with revolutionary themes. Both of these supplied tracks are a good indication of how dope the rest of the record will be. Viva la Brotherhood y la revolucion!

Listen to both tracks below:

Pre-order the record here, available on November 2nd on Agogo Records.

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