John Carpenter – Halloween (Rhythm Scholar Past To Present Fearmix)

If you’ve been paying attention to the remix game, then you may have heard of Rhythm Scholar. He is a very talented producer and well, if you haven’t, get ready toput on your earphones for a long trip down the old remix rabbit hole, because the Scholar has got some remixes son. Remixes for days. Reinterpreting everyone from The Talking Heads to A Tribe Called Quest and many genres in between, he’s gotten festive this October and put together a track that pays tribute to one of the scariest movies of our lifetime: Halloween. If Michael Meyers didn’t give you nightmares when you were a kid (or later if you weren’t a kid when the movie came out), then you are one helluva trooper because Michael Meyers is scary AF. This remix uses forty years of samples from the Halloween franchise, including samples from the original 1978 film. Check out the tracks used:

1978 Halloween 1963
1978 The Haunted House
1978 The Shape Stalks Laurie
1978 Was It The Bogeyman
1978 Tombstone
1978 The Evil Is Gone!
2018 Intro
2018 The Bogeyman
2018 Michael Kills Again

Audio Mastered by The Odd Nocturnal Farmer, (come on it doesn’t get better than that), this is a digital only track that will enhance your Halloween gig, because no one has this until now. Check out the track below and download after the strea.

Download here.

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