M-Tri & DJ Leecy T – Palo Santo (Aeon Seven Rework)

If you have been stumbling around trying to figure out what is hip hop these days, then you’ve come to the right place. Repping New York City to the fullest, the duo of M-Tri and Leecy T and back with a new forty five on the illustrious 45 Live label. Following up such bangers as “She’s The DJ, He’s The MC” / “Trading Places” and a long list of othes, these two veteran DJs and MCs (they both can rock the turntables and the mic) are the epitome of New York hip hop and it’s no secret. Their latest seven inch “Palo Santo” on 45 Live Records was premiered at the Shake! party in Brooklyn and featured a live performance by the band.

Never taking wack gigs that an amateur will.

With funky funky rhymes and a funky funky style, M-Tri & DJ Leecy T can rock the house, be it big venue, house party, or anything in between. ‘Palo Santo” illustrates that. Uptempo boom bap beats and an attitude that shines through as a classic, this record is most definitely a dance floor rocker: tough drums, wah wah guitar, tight cuts and fresh, intelligent rhymes. Bonus on the flip is a rework by 45 Live artist Aeon Seven from France. For those of you who are not so much in favor of what you’re hearing on the radio today rap wise, here’s a perfect alternative. If you can’t get down with this, then you seriously have to move on. They carry the spirit of what true hip hop is through and through. Authentic NYC hip hop right here. The music is their message and it gets delivered like a stick of Palo Santo right to your nose. Check out the track below and buy it off of the 45 Live bandcamp. Real hip hop is in the building, what!

Get the record here.

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