Domotic – Nacre EP

Keeping in stride with the upcoming Halloween night’s festivities, we bring the Flea Market Funk family the new EP from Domotic aka Stéphane Laporte. A weaver of fine aural tapestries, this EP walks the line of fine library music and lo-fi indie synth left field jams. The title track “Nacre” could most definitely be featured in a low budget B horror flick, complete with Eleanor Rigby like synth line crying out to all the lonely synth players out there. It’s atmospheric and tremendous, something you might hear in the background of Stranger Things referring tot he upside down. “Javelot”, again is heavy on the synths and cinematics, and another that fits right in with the sound environment of science fiction/ horror films yet to be made, or a certain Stanley Kubrick film had it been around at this time The third track on the EP, “Granit”, serves up a late night lights off dance party, its beat dancing with the devils until the light of day, sending them scrambling until the enxt night fall. The last, and most impressive, is “Chamania”, a psychedelic trip of out of this world synths, broad musical landscapes that light up the mind; basically an acid trip without the acid. RIYL heavy library tracks, Italian horror soundtracks, or original indie soundtracks on the instrumental tip. Domotic has got this covered. Listen to the four song EP below, and order the seven inch, out on BMM right now.

Get the record here from Black Milk Music.

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