Time Grove – Roy The King

This new release on Wah Wah 45s is quite the forty five. This is the debut single from Tel Aviv based jazz ensemble Time Grove. Featuring players such as pianist Nitai Hershkovits, newly signed Stones Throw artist and Buttering Trio member Rejoicer, reed player Eyal Talmudi, drummers Roy Chen, Amir Bresler and Sol Monk, keyboard guru Bemet, trumpet player Sefi Zisling, and guitarist Yonatan Albalak come together beautifully for two sides of pure jazz that moves mountains as well as the people that are tuning in to it. This record is a little taste of what’s to come for their debut full length due out in October. What a great preview! The A, “Roy The King” features drummer Roy Chen is an amazing piece of jazz, sounding like the late ’60’s/ early ’70’s but in reality playing it live in 2018. With Hershkovits and Chen locked in, the rest of the band follows their lead and brings this fantastic piece from the promised land to the listener’s ears. Top notch right here. The flip, “Sir Blunt” sees Amir Bresler on the drums, taking over for Chen and moving this piece further down the jazz wormhole of delights. Combining bass from Albalak and piano/ Moog from Nitail plus Rejoicer on synths, it’s airy groove definitely moves you. We are feeling this big time, and a huge thumbs up to Wah Wah 45s, who continue to push the limits of not only jazz, but music itself with compelling releases miles ahead of the competition (if there even is any). Stream the forty five below and purchase after the stream.

Get the record here.

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