Grandbaby: Four Tracks To Choose From

Today’s gem comes out of Norwich, UK, and like a strike from the mighty John Deehan when he played for The Canaries, these tracks are rough and tough. They get the job done. Half of the duo Rope Store, a Stax/ Motown inspired funky soul outfit, Jason Baldock also makes music under the moniker Grandbaby. Heavy on percussion and synths, the music is a bevy of funky delights. There were four singles just released this month, so instead of just highlighting one, we’re bring you all four. Check out the tracks below, four from Grandbaby for you to choose from. Digital for now, but perhaps a proper bit of 7 inches at some point? We will see. Enjoy!

“Wrong Cracker”, more on the psychedelic, afrobeat tip has got a deep bass line that can move dance floors, plus the over all feel of the track is no doubt African influenced from the very first note to the last. It builds and builds until the frenzy goes off. RIYL heavy drums from start to finish (oh yeah, and a bit of cowbell too).

“Disterminate”, more drums, more synth, and more bass in your face, this one has a different feel from the rest. A bit eighties, but heavier than the three, it’s got a style of its own and that’s ok.

“Reverse Night”, sounds a bit post punk to us, winding out with that bass line again, guitars that come from every direction, and a back beat that keeps your head nodding. Don’t count this one out!

“Junior Pro” is as if the Beastie Boys needed a far out remix of “Hey Ladies” and got Grandbaby to do it. This, is by far, our fave track out of the four. The fuzzed out bass line and disco drums and percussion had us starting this thing over and over. By the time the synths kick in, we were already in bliss. You will be too. Digging this one for sure.

More info on Grandbaby here.

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