The Putbacks – Oranges

Back once again with another single off of their new, self titled record, The Putbacks have given us a another gem with “Oranges”. The dark and gritty funk coming straight out of Melbourne, Australia goes straight for the jugular on this side. Right out of an OST or cinematic score playbook (think deep library cuts), the chaps build this masterpiece little by little, simmering here and there, until it goes full on boil and the pot overflows into something you’d hear in a chase scene of some detective noir detective flick at the indie cinema late night on a Saturday. Grimy and brooding, it’s funky no doubt. Chock full of heavy, hard hitting drums and driving guitars, The Putbacks take it, like Spinal Tap, to eleven. Similar to the previous single, “The Ways” that featured Bilal, the band goes into territories that put them in company with those great, studio house bands from the past. The backbone of record labels and the grease that kept the wheels spinning, these two previews of the full length are a peek of what’s to come as a whole on November 9th. Listen to “Oranges” below. Then listen to it again. And again.

Get the record here, available through Hope Street Recordings on Nov. 9th.

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