DJ Center & Sly5thAve feat. Thalma de Freitas – Paradise

It’s Friday, and honestly, we don’t know about all of you out there, but here at FMF headquarters, we could use a record like this. Not only because it’s from one of the best artists ever who walked the face of this earth, but because it’s re-licked by two talented individuals who push the limits of DJs and producers with their tracks and performances. Check their last projects, Sly’s interpretation of the music of Dr. Dre, “The Invisible Man” as well as Center’s afrobeat dance floor filler “Dem Say Ah”. The pedigree on these cats is the real deal. This time they take Sade Adu’s “Paradise”, link up with Rio de Janero’s own Thalma de Freitas to transform this already beautiful track into something of further beauty. Weaving in and out of English and Portuguese, Thalma takes this song to a higher level, a jazzy samba sound, bringing the listener to the very place Miss Adu spoke about when it was first released. But now in the ’18, we see Center and Sly5thAve revisit that paradise with a sound trip of their own. Is it the same place? We say yes, and their sounds give us the same feelings Sade gave us way back then. Mark our words. Future Classic right here people.

Hot pink vinyl in a limited pressing, cover art by the talented Indie 184. Listen to the both the song and its instrumental below:

Get the record on Push The Fader, out TODAY from their bandcamp page.

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