The Du-Rites: Gamma Ray Jones

If you’ve been hibernating in your cave for the past few years, well wake up man, there’s funk to be heard. J-Zone and Pablo Martin are The Du-Rites, and they have been laying down some of the grittiest, funkiest, raw funk you have heard in a while. They have a list of great funk 45s that we have been writing about since their inception as a funk duo. But, it just gets better, because another full length record is about to drop. We’re talking heavy, heavy shit you’d listen to in your Caddie while open hand slapping some sucka who tried to sweet talk your girl. Enter Gamma Ray Jones. A long shelved, lost NBC detective show that was never aired and still doesn’t have an air date. Inspired musical soundscapes of the ’60’s and ’70’s and meant to be up against detective shows like Mannix, McCloud, Banacek, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, The Mod Squad, The Rockford Files, and more, The Du-Rites create the sound for a show that never ever made it past the cutting room floor. Too violent and too expensive, it never even got to its pilot episode Get This Turkey Outta Here! When the footage surfaced some 40+ years later, The Du-Rites knew what to do; score the damn thing. Includes the hits “The Mean Machine”, “Big shirley’s Place”, and “Showdown!”, as well as the title “Gamma Ray Jones”, “Go Down Swinging”, and “Amsterdam Ave.” Both J and Pablo reached deep into their soundtrack pockets on this release, taking cues and inspiration from composers like Dave Grusin, Lalo Schifrin, Mike Post, and Quincy Jones among others. This is the soundtrack to a show that never was, played by a band that knows how to do it right the only way they can…The Du-Rites way. Listen to samples of the record below and pre-order from Redefinition Records.

One Minute Trailer from the canned TV series:


Pre-order the record here, out November 23rd on Redefinition Records.

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