DJ Format – The Meeting Pt.1 & He’s Back (The Meeting Pt.2)

Illustration by Dan Lish

When DJ Format puts something together, you know it’s going to be spectacular. The mature B-Boy, turntablist, producer, disc jock, you could call him Lee Dorsey because everything he gonna do is funky. The funky representative repping Brighton, UK to the fullest, he’s picking up from where he left off with his previous project Kool and the Gangstar Generation. A forty five that still gets maximum rotation not just here at FMF but from DJs world wide, this time Format has gone and done it again with The Meters. Any DJ or digger has held The Meters in very high regard, their funky dividends on the black crack are staples in gig bags for decades. Here’s why Format is a top bloke. Not only is he a hip hop scholar and elder statesman of the game, but he has not just done this record for vanity reasons. He’s giving 100% of the proceeds from this record to a fundraiser for a friend with cancer, Giselle. Seriously, if you are afan of the man and his music and want to give to a great cause (which hits VERY close to us here at Flea Market Funk), pick up two copies of this record and know that you will not just be making people smile with the music, but helping someone in need with cancer. Check out both sides of the record below:

Here’s a mix of the records that include Meters covers, old rap records etc. Dig:

Get the record here.

Dig Deeper!

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