Hoodna Orchestra – Ofel I / Breathe

Digging deeper into the world of funk, we bring you Hoodna Orchestra. Hailing from Tel Aviv Yafo, this twelve deep orchestra break open the origination of African sounds in the popular form of Western music. Forming in 2012 in the South side of Tel Aviv, this collective went on to form not only their own sound, but a record label as well. Directed musically by Ilan Smith, a talented composer and guitar player, their blend of jazz infused jams with flavors of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and other Arabian delights adds nicely to an already funky bouillabaisse of sounds and movements. Culturally, it’s a nice blend of of Africa and modern sounds, as the collective themselves is surrounded by a rich, music environment regionally. A keen sense of musicianship and a genuine interest in how this music has impacted Western music throughout the years makes them stand out. Although the sounds, of course, are very deeply routed in the Mother Land, this dozen has put their own spin on the sounds themselves, making them highly in demand for live performances around Israel. We are happy that they have made it globally to people’s ears. RIYL Soul Jazz Orchestra, classic Ethiopian jazz, etc. You get the picture. Stream the first single, “Ofel I” below and pre-order the record, available January 25th 2019 via Agogo Records. Always a student, always learning, this record is filled with a school lesson for everyone.

Pre-order the record from Agogo Record here.
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