Soul Sugar – Never Too Much

Coming off of Record Store Day, Soul Sugar offer up an exclusive RSD from Japan via HHV to the rest of the masses with this new 12″ out on Gee Recordings. Featuring the spot on, soulful vocals of one Mister Leonardo Carmichael, the crew tackle Luther Vandross’s “Never Too Much”. If you have been following the releases from this label, and the last few in particular that were reggae versions of Soul/ R & B tracks (even if you haven’t), we have to say that they have been spot on. Like the early reggae pioneers who picked up American music from Miami radio stations, Soul Sugar do the same (but in France), and score a goal every time. This silky smooth version of one of Luther’s best tracks is a winner. Did we say it’s smooth? Like butter baby, and quite honestly, we just don’t want to stop listening to this very well done cover version. It’s great to see artists today going back to what the roots of a genre had been doing three to four decades ago. Uplifting and sexy at the same time, “Never Too Much” is a record you need to grab before it is long gone. Mark our words, it will be. Listen to both sides of the record below, and order it from the Soul Sugar bandcamp after the stream.

Buy the record here.

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