Dusty Donuts 015

By now you know their steez, The Dusty Donuts crew has been putting out delightful edits, mixing up the old and the new with great production from cats like Marc Hype, Jim Sharp, and Naughty NMX. Big beefed up drums, hip hop aesthetics, and a sound that is like no other. This time, for number fifteen (already!), Naughty NMX is taking it back to the birth of hip hop, New York City. Jumping right into a dope Side a “Our Dreamworld”, with a recognized Continental IV sample, its use has been flipped properly. Beefed up drums and sweet soul make for a great pair, and this one is tough tough tough. Get to the flip, and it’s more NYC goodness, taking the train through the five boroughs from Uptown and heading into B R double O K- lyn the planet. “Let Me Go A Million” is another belter that will get your head nodding from the first beat drop, then when the sample and vocals kick in, you’ll be excited to jump around to this one. The Dusty Donuts crew do not mess about people, and this
latest effort from the crew deserves a place in your record box. RIYL hip hop samples, great remixes, B Boy attitudes. Listen below. The record will be available in December. Stay tuned for the sale link in the upcoming weeks.

More samples here.

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