Jaye P. Morgan – Jaye P. Morgan

This one’s been floating around for a while as a single, but leave it to the good folks over at We Want Sounds to give us the full length from Jaye P. Morgan in a deluxe vinyl package. You might remember Morgan from those crazy days of daytime television in the 1970’s and she yes, of course had a singing career that went back to the ’50’s. Mary Margaret Morgan led quite the life, and her private press 1976 LP entitled Jaye P. Morgan on Candor has gone on to be on many a want list. Almost forgotten, this now cult classic, produced by David Foster (his first large production before his career took off) was recorded at the famous Sound City Studios.

This album is one of the first David ever produced and I know he was going all the way to the top. I tried to make a soulful album and I loved David’s work. We used the best musicians in the world.- Jaye P. Morgan

It features a gaggle of top musicians from Los Angeles for the time (and all time): Harvey Mason, Ed Greene, Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr. Tower of Power, Ernie Watts, and the list goes on. For a private press record, the budget to record it must have been out of this world. Foster was in his late 20’s, and this production would be a preview of the stellar music career he had ahead of him. On this record, the normally zany game show guest gets sultry and soulful, as evidenced by this slow burner of a late night sex attack covering EWF’s “Can’t Hide Love”. Part funk, part soulful disco, and all parts terrific, this side is one that never leaves the record box. Seriously, the entire record is full of heat, including “I Fall In Love Every Day”, “Keepin’ It To Myself”, “Let’s Get Together”, a bang up cover of “You’re All I Need (To Get By)” as well as Stevie Wonder’s “Seems So Long”. Plainly put, it’s a forgotten heat rock that is an all around heater. Stream “Can’t Hide Love” below:

Pre-order the record here, available on January 25, 2019 via we Want Sounds.

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