Mac McRaw feat. Paten Locke – Sleep Techniquez

Hot damn ho here we go again! Some Cold Rock Stuff people, and the main man Mac McRaw is back with the brother Paten Locke and a new 45. “Sleep Techniquez” is just what hip hop should feel like today. Eff cough syrup beats and frilly pirate shirts with ladies pants, Macca comes in hot as he can with this beat as Paten Lock keeps it rugged as “Robo Cop”. You may remember Paten from his collabs with Phil Most Chill, Edan the rapper and more. Dude can spit hard as nails bars with a flow that would make most of these hip poppers run for cover. And Mac McRaw? Oh, you don’t know? Dude bangs hard on that SP 1200 and comes up with some marvelous shit. You see people, there is an alternative to the radio out there. Cats that have straight been releasing great records with great artists, collaborations that will stand the test of time, not go away like beats that have an expiration date. Speaking of, this record will never sound dated, it’s done so that it will sound fresh now, ten years from now, and beyond. You feel us? “Leave chumps enchanted”….that it does. Don’t sleep on this one. One of the best of the year.

“Sleep Techniquez”

Get the record here.

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