NOLA Breaks Vol. 8

Awww yes ain’t that fresh! Just in time for the holiday season, Superjock Records is back once again with another banger for the turntables. Professor Shorthair has been busy as a bee kicking arse and taking names down in Nawlins, so if you’re short on the knowledge of the NOLA Breaks series, catch up sucka because this latest effort is quite a catch. The A is a ripping remix of Danny White’s “Natural Soul Brother” originally on SSS International. A dance floor ripper, this remix is a tune that will get any party started and that’s a fact. You know those Bristol lads love the big drum sound and have a B Boy mentality, so this Bristol/ New Orleans connection is a match made in heaven. In the words of Danny White: “you got to be a winner and a go getter”. This collaboration surely is. The flip is an homage to the sound library of The Meters by Professor Shorthair. Top notch journey into sound with all the breaks and samples that the hip hop artists used from the band. You know that The Meters have influenced everyone from Public Enemy to Tribe to Timbaland to EPMD and more, so this little trip down memory lane is a definite must. Between this one and Format’s latest, you’ll have a Meters party right at your finger tips. Mint green seven inch with a limited edition of 500 pieces, you might want to grab some doubles, because you know, drums.

Listen to the tracks below and order from the link below:

Get the record here.

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