Boca’s Club Donuts Vol. 1

Here’s a treat for everyone, because these special forty fives went like hot cakes when they were first offered up. Boca 45 gave us Boca’s Club Donuts, five exclusive double sided heat rocks of his excellent production guaranteed to surely rock the party from Croatia to California. They were big drum beaters full of samples, breaks, and well known clips of music that made us all go mad. They were made in a limited edition, and if you did not grab them, some sold out in a day or so. Well, if you missed any of them, they are available in a limited edition box set. Ten sides on five records with and exclusive signed print in its own limited edition box, you’ll have some of Boca’s latest and greatest work on seven inch right here at your finger tips. Not familiar? You should be, the chap has been DJing and producing for well over twenty years, making music with Dynamo Productions (and then some) and leading the charge in the Bristol, UK scene for quite some time. These records are special, as you can bring a bit of that Bristol sound right into your living room (or dance floor), and it’s all in one nicely done package. Check out a sampler of the box set below, and order the thing because like the individual forty fives, it will not be around very long. Believe that!

Order the box set here.

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