Soopasoul – Ya Lookin’ Tight

Start your Monday morning off right with some heavy funk from one of the best producers around (and you should know this), the one and only Soopasoul. He’s delighted us for a decade or so with the album Twin Stix, a successful string of 7″ edits, and the last two releases in “If It Ain’t Funky Back It Up” and “Pushin’ Weight”, both stellar tracks in a big, funky way. He has returned to give us some special edits of two tunes. “Ya Lookin’ Tight”, a full minute shorter than before hits hard as funk should, complete with horny horns that do not disappoint. Take it to the floor with this one folks. Like right to the dance floor and get busy. The flip, “Soopasoul Theme”, originally six minutes plus has been cut to under four but packs a wallop in this new edit. It’s drum heavy with horns (of course), and would make any wall flower get up and boogie. Not afraid to go deep and hit people where it counts, Soopasoul has reassured everyone (if you even had a doubt) that he’s got the minerals to light up a dance floor with these productions. Listen to both tracks below:

Pre-order the record here available on Jalapeno Records December 7th.

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