Tha Third I – Tapestry

“He learned to play it safe, he never, ever got noticed by anyone…..”. How many people, rappers, beat makers, producers and the like have played it safe? Never got noticed in the very large sea of music out there, just made music because that’s what there was to do. It reminds me of hearing an interview with DJ Shadow when he spoke about a cellar full of records that were just that, records; records and dreams that stopped right after all the artists released them. Well, Englewood’s own Tha Third I is breaking that mold. Rapper Guidry, Producer Deshawn and DJ/Producer/Engineer Ettikit drop this new track “Tapestry” from their upcoming Keys EP. Smooth, with a silky flow and butta beats, this Cali collective drop one of the best tracks we have heard in a minute. Reaching high, staying positive, not being complacent in this music game:

I fight for the life that I want/ Never hide behind a knife or a gun/ From the streets like ice in the sun/ I melt the track/ I’m as nice as they come.

With a positive message and a dope choice of samples, the sleepy guitar works well over a slick head nodder of a beat as Guidry flows like the river Nile, subtle but powerful. Never playing it safe, living out their dreams and laying down a timeless sound with “tapestry”, we are very interested in hearing more from this Left Coast clique. Check out the track below, and we guarantee you will be rewinding it like the selector you are. It’s a ray of light in the otherwise foggy state of rap tracks you have to sort through these days. RIYL backpack 90’s, jazzy beats, proper drums, and and all around good music. Check out the track “Tapestry” below:

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